We will pinpoint your  inner  obstacles

remove them, and plan a strategy until next session .

You will also receive an email link to the recorded sessions for support.

*Individual coaching sessions are confidential, personalized, comprehensive and life-changing.

*Group Coaching offered various times during the year.

Upcoming Events:

9/21    Annual Fall Equinox: Metaphysical Fair! at H.O.M.E. Center

10/5 & 10/6: Rasani Fair featured speaker 

10/10, 10/17, 10/24

Class at H.O.M.E. Center: 

Clear Chakras 1, 2 & 3 for Receiving the Life & Income You Desire

Want to know what's stopping you & shaping your income picture? Week 1 we'll clear 1st chakra right to be here & safe. And we'll uncover & map out the Mind-Body connection & blocks in 5 kinds of money.

In week 2 we look at 2nd chakra right to have needs & wants, & uncover & clear your income setpoint. Wk 3 includes 3rd chakra right to shine brightly (vs. hide).

We'll also identify & clear a financial trauma,

so you can start taking new actions to create, manifest & receive what you want  in your life.


 Ready for the next stage in your life?

Want to improve your relationship with yourself and others? Allow yourself to shine?

Improve your Income

Coaching includes

 The Money Map process, Earliest Money Paradigm, The Vow of Invisibility and Worth, From Overwhelm to Brilliance, Outrageous Goal, Goal Trauma Action and more..

You are your Best Self

Empowered, Authentic and Successful in relationship with yourself, 

 at work and at home.

Live your life doing what YOU want to do.

Balance Receiving with all you give

Do you sometimes feel exhausted & depleted from all you give to others?

Increase your ability to receive

now, and enjoy a better life, income, love.



Liberate Yourself from Hidden Money Blocks:

A comprehensive program where you'll be guided, step by step, in uncovering & letting go of the 6 major aspects that limit your earning, confidence and success.

Reduce Stress

Experience deep relaxation and stress reducing strategies.

Receive a recording  for daily stress release

via email link .


Get real results  and send your  Inner Saboteur on vacation

while removing subconscious blocks to your ideal healthy body.

Develop a balanced & healthy lifestyle doing what you love.