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Hi there! I’m Jan, a reforming over-giver. Back in the day, I could never receive a dinner, a gift etc. without feeling I had to give something back in return. Right then, no delay.

And I undervalued my work, regardless of many positive comments. I kept my prices low for the benefit of those who needed it, but forgot what I needed to survive and thrive. I gave lots of breaks, the biggest ever was telling a mom she could pay me $5. a month. I never received it.

I know now I didn’t value myself enough, and subsequently attracted a struggle in my finances. Money is a metaphor for how we allow ourselves to receive.

While doing these processes  I uncovered some old programming that was still in my nervous system and affecting my ability to receive. As a kid, I was shamed the first time I earned a dollar, and forced to return it.  Part of why I always felt uncomfortable stating my fees or collecting payment for my services. 

My old programming also included trying to be the opposite of selfish.

The good news is I worked with my own coach to uncover and heal these old programs that were still operating in my subconscious mind and affecting my finances and my ability to enjoy life.

We all have these old programs operating on auto-pilot. Until we uncover and heal them, they influence our ability to receive, to earn what we want and to live a more authentic and joyful life.

If you’re a heart-centered healer or a woman focused on giving your best, but never really receiving the emotional and financial rewards you work so hard for, this is my specialty. I love being a part of this transformational process and seeing people thrive. I invite you to do this work with me and embody your most empowered, authentic and successful self.