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About Jan Gagnon

Founder and owner, Jan Gagnon, is a transformational life coach based in Portland, Oregon.  She is passionate about helping women and entrepreneurs remove inner roadblocks that hinder them from being their most empowered, authentic, and loving selves.  She also taps into her experience as a  Naturopathic Physician (N.D., retired), Tapping Into Wealth coaching, and intuitive empathy to help clients realize their personal and professional potential.  In her spare time, you can find Jan gardening or out in nature.

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Our Wonderful Testimonials

Carlos M.

Business Owner

"Jan is a beautiful soul who knows simple yet powerful techniques to changing paradigms tied with how you perceive yourself and money. Her emotional freedom techniques made me go from thinking I was a rookie in my craft to a Broadway star. I highly recommend booking a clarity session when you're ready to get out of any mental ruts."

Christine C.

Licensed Professional Counselor

"Jan is amazing. When I started working with her I was feeling exhausted, overly taxed, and a loss of control over the things that matter most to me. Through working with her, clarity and light was shined on patterns - patterns that were unconsciously showing up in my finances. Working with her helped me see what was happening and what could be done to begin new patterns . The sessions empowered me to make the changes, and reveal the power that I had all along to do so. This breakthrough gave me the energy to approach my goals in new ways, and the payoff continues to be rewarding and fulfilling-- consistently unfolding. Thank you, Jan!"

Jan B.

Real Estate Broker

“As an over 60 skeptical woman, I was delighted to read Jan’s resume. Her background is impressive. Under Jan’s guidance, I am losing pounds and gaining peace over ‘the critical’ voice.

I am so excited before each new session. Jan is caring, intuitive, and listens.

I am so empowered! Love It.”

Lisa B.

Real Estate Broker

“Within hours after our first session, I received a new high-end client looking for a million dollar house. I highly recommend Jan as the best coach."

Deanna B.

Mindset Coach

"I feel a level of trust with you that really allows me to dig deep. I feel so much less stress overall in my body and in the way that I'm able to look at my life. Thank you!"

Sarah W.

"You were a sweet spot in my crazy life. You showed me great compassion and empathy.

You provide a great value. It is easier to hide. You find us and allow us to bloom safely.”